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Sharath Jois Conference Notes

October 18th 2014

"Yoga doesn’t have a start date.  You and I, we each have a date of birth, but not so with yoga, no one can say when yoga started.  In this parampara you can follow the different lineages, different saints, rishis, each who practiced yoga and did their own research in yoga.  There is no one day when it started.  There are several different definitions.  Patanjali sutras describe as mind control, which can sounds scary to some people, so we can instead say calming of the mind.  The monkey mind needs to be controlled." <more>


October 25th 2014

"There are three most important bandha.  Jalandhara is locking the chin, Mula is locking the anus, Uddiyana is below the navel.  This is described in many texts, the Mula, is of most importance.  It is the source, the base.  One verse says “always mula bandha”, this means when walking, sitting, everything.  There are so many aspects to this, so much philosophy as well.  It is the source to control the mind.  Another verse says “old man who can control mula bandha, will become young again”." <more>


November 8th 2014

"Yoga is sadhana, this means many years of practice with guidance. Without guidance it is impossible to reach higher levels of realisation.  Books are very good, academia, but real experience you need, with guidance.  Guru will remove obstacles and ignorance, taking towards brightness, jnana." <more>


November 15th 2014

"What is the benefit of doing these limbs, what is the purpose?  By following these we remove impurities, physical and mental. Once we get rid of that we have better clarity.  Jnana will flow within you, spiritual knowledge, you become wiser.  This is the benefit, the advantage of practicing Ashtanga.  Applying all the eight limbs, you can come closer to the last one, Samadhi." <more>