Josh Pryor

Josh Pryor is a light, adventurous, and passionate yoga teacher and student.

With a penchant for analysis and study, through school years Josh spent most of his leisure time engaged in technical hobbies, trawling for second hand electronics and computers that he could pull apart and rebuild. This thirst for knowledge spread across many subjects and topics, and thus even in the early years he found himself drawn to esoteric metaphysics; collecting little snippets at second-hand bookstores and garage sales and talking to anyone who would listen about topics outside of the trivial.

A strong grounding in practicality is maintained; Josh enjoys reconciling pragmatism and neuroscience with yoga asana and meditation, so as to ensure tangible benefits for students in their everyday lives. Josh spreads his passion for through enthusiastic, light, and humorous classes.

Josh studies at KPJAYI and with established Ashtanga teachers Gregor Maehle and Monica Gauci, and relishes the opportunity to teach a variety of styles and aspects of yoga, locally and abroad.